chapter  12
The Impact of Education and Training on School Psychological Services
ByBeeman N. Phillips
Pages 20

The study of education and training (E & T) and their impact on services has had a short and infertile history. This chapter attempts to reformulate definitions, giving the constructs more pervasive meaning and extending their scope. It aims to tackle methodological issues, recognizing that there are important problems in explicating relationships between E & T and services. The chapter discusses the contexts in which E & T and practice, and examines an integration of ideas in terms of the use of this knowledge of E & T and its relationship to practice in shaping policy. Models for continuing education should be developed that deal with work environment factors, as well as professional knowledge and skills. The rapid knowledge explosion, changing school needs, concerns about consumer protection, and so forth, have resulted in political, professional and institutional decisions that have greatly increased the need for continuing education.