chapter  13
An Alternative Model for the Delivery of Psychological Services in the School Community
BySandra Christenson, Brian Abery, Richard A. Weinberg
Pages 44

This chapter examines the traditional perspective underlying school psychological services—a view based on a medical model and focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of a particular student’s disorder. It presents an alternative model for conceptualizing the nature of psychological services in the school community. The chapter reviews the pervasive traditional medical model of school psychological service delivery. It outlines the defining characteristics of an alternative, developmental perspective for providing school psychological services and highlights of some of the major theoretical implications of a developmental model for practice in contemporary school psychology. Developmental-proactive-preventive model can be the basis for a long-overdue national policy and action plan to provide for the educational and developmental needs of children and youth. The chapter discusses building the perspective into existing training structures within professional school psychology and charting a course of action for future policy and practices.