chapter  14
School Psychology: A Reconceptualization of Service Delivery Realities
ByJane Close Conoley, Terry B. Gutkin
Pages 32

This chapter focuses on the concepts of direct and indirect service, a major dimension of service delivery models that is most relevant to school psychology. It examines the implications of the direct-indirect service dimension for the field of school psychology. The discussions of advantages and disadvantages of indirect service, models of human behavior, and relevant domains of psychological knowledge for conceptualizing school psychology within an indirect service delivery framework have many clear implications for practice. When school psychologists personally provide psychological services to clients, they are operating within a direct service delivery framework. Recognizing that school psychology is an indirect service delivery profession leads to the conclusion that school psychologists must expend substantially more time and energy focusing their attention on the significant adults that populate the children’s world. Viewing school psychology from an indirect service delivery perspective highlights the need for research that addresses the ecological complexities that are inherent to the field.