chapter  4
Disentangling the Complexities of Clientage
ByKrista J. Stewart
Pages 28

This chapter considers the question of clientage from a pragmatic viewpoint, evaluating the impact of model of human behavior adopted by a psychologist, focus of intervention, service delivery role, caseload, training, and structure of the system within which a psychologist works. It discusses the question of clientage as it exists for those individuals practicing as school psychologists in school settings, by far the most common employment site for the school psychologist. For psychologists who consider human behavior at least partially a function of environment, as would be the case for those employing these last three models, clientage would be conceptualized more broadly than under the medical model. The chapter addresses how consultation models relate to the question of clientage. The models that are: mental health consultation, behavioral consultation, process consultation and advocacy consultation. The chapter also discusses the parents’ rights and their role in their child’s educational program.