chapter  5
The Organization and Structuring of Psychological Services within Educational Settings
ByMichael J. Curtis, Joseph E. Zins
Pages 30

As an integral part of the educational system, school psychological services similarly require close scrutiny of their organization and structure. The chapter discusses both internal and external to the organization and examines some of the ways in which they may influence the organization of services. It provides both national association of school psychologists and the American psychological association specific recommendations regarding supervision. The chapter highlights some of the critical issues that influence the organization and structuring, and therefore the delivery, of psychological services in educational settings. It examines some of the fundamental concepts from systems theory. Systems theory offers a framework for understanding the complex interactions that influence an organization. The chapter considers the application of systems theory specifically to the organization of school psychological services. School psychological services always exist within the context of a larger system whether it is a school district, a particular private school, or a special setting.