chapter  6
Models of School Psychological Service Delivery
ByJonathan Sandoval
Pages 32

A model of how school psychologists go about delivering services in educational settings, like any other model of a professional’s activity, is an idealized notion of how an individual should behave in a work setting. The chapter discusses six models of school psychological services delivery. They are: diagnostic model, prevention-promotion model, social learning model, organizational development model, prescriptive intervention model and child advocacy model. According to the diagnostic model, the goals of school psychological services are to create accurate diagnoses of children and prescriptions based on those diagnoses. The chapter examines the models on the basis of a number of criteria important to consider in the delivery of services. It also examines each model so that the reader may recognize a model being followed by a school psychologist, may choose a model to follow, or may create a model that represents a fusion or combination of those presented.