chapter  7
Conceptual and Logistical Hurdles: Service Delivery to Urban Schools
ByJohn H. Jackson
Pages 32

This chapter presents relevant definitional clarifications and informational background against which consider conceptual and logistical hurdles to the delivery of psychological services in urban schools. Urban schools are distinguished by a large number of characteristic features; some of the most important among these for service delivery are the following: requirements for implementation of legal mandates, volume of record-keeping, involvement of labor unions, outside contracting for service delivery, and funding burden for supportive services. Psychological consultation provided by school psychologists in urban schools may be a wide-ranging type of service delivery. In large urban schools the size of the potential student population to be served constitutes a major hurdle to service delivery. The hurdles of ignorance among decision makers of what school psychology is all about and the opposition of opponents of school-based service delivery, at least with regard to some types of services, are actively operational throughout the country.