chapter  7
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Welsh Onion

WithM.K. Rana, Harshita Mor

Allium fistulosum, known only as cultivated species but not as wild, is originated in Northwestern China, probably in the region of Mongolia, Siberia, or China. The nutritional composition of green tops and blanched pseudostem differs, green tops being more nutritious than its blanched pseudostem. Welsh onion have many therapeutic properties. In Chinese medicine, it is used to improve the functioning of internal organs and the metabolism to prevent cardiovascular disorders and to prolong life. Welsh onion is a perennial glabrous herb but usually grown as an annual or biennial plant, which is 50 to 100 cm tall with indistinct, ovoid to oblongoid bulb up to 10 cm long, few to several or virtually absent lateral bulbs and is tunic white to pale reddish brown. Welsh onion is amazingly adapted to a wide range of climates. It is highly tolerant to cold weather and can overwinter even in Siberia.