chapter  1
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Taxonomy of Syzygium

WithWuu Kuang Soh

Syzygium is principally found in tropical or subtropical vegetation, including lowland to montane rainforest, swamp, ultramafic forest, savannah, and limestone forest. Van Steenis recorded rheophytic species in Syzygium that are morphologically characterized by a narrow leaf, short petiole, and flexible twig and leaves crowded at twig ends. In the tropical rainforest, Syzygium usually blooms in masses. As one of the most common tree genera in the forest ecosystem, Syzygium is important as a food resource for birds, insects, and small and large mammals. Schmid provided an extensive review of the status of Eugenia and Syzygium and its segregate genera, including Acmena, Cleistocalyx, Caryophyllus, and Jambosa. Craven and Biffin, based on DNA sequence phylogeny and morphological evidence, are in favor of an all-inclusive generic concept of Syzygium, but with an infrageneric classification to reflect evolutionary relationships among the clades. Syzygium Cumini is a widespread species and is found in the wild and in cultivation.