chapter  Chapter 7
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Questioned document examination

WithHoward A. Harris, Henry C. Lee

Questioned document examination is an important forensic activity for making connections between written communications of all types and their authors. It has been forced to slowly shift its emphasis from primarily handwriting to a much broader look at many other forms of communications, due to the rapid development of technology. The most well-known activities of questioned document examiners are examinations and comparisons of handwriting, typewriting, and copier output. A document examiner can look at the paper of a questioned document and quickly tell whether it is expensive paper, cheap paper, has a high content of cotton fibers in it, and something about the surface treatment. There are many types of cases where questioned document examiners can provide a useful service that do not involve handwriting or handprinting evidence. The questioned document examiner’s two most powerful aides, in such a determination, are context and technology.