chapter  12
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Quality and Quality Changes Assessment of Processed Fish

ByMercedes Careche, Isabel Sánchez-Alonso

Quality is a complex concept with many dimensions and context dependent so that it is relative to person, place and time. Sensory requirements play a key role on the quality of fish as food and most of the indicators relate to this parameter directly or indirectly. These methodologies could be used to meet quality as one of the definitions needed to construct the several dimensions of quality for a given processed seafood product. Sensory evaluation of fish using well-defined schemes such as Quality Index Method can indeed give reliable information of quality in terms of storage time at a given temperature. The muscle of fish just after death is totally relaxed and the soft elastic texture usually persists for some hours. The linearity with storage time implies that the equivalent of the number of days at 0°C the fish have been stored can be estimated. Dielectric spectroscopy has also been used for the evaluation of frozen fish.