chapter  15
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Traceability of Fish Products

ByMaitri Thakur

Monitoring the flow of products, their quality, and the process parameters throughout production and linking them to each transition state throughout the supply chain are effective ways of implementing and ensuring product safety and traceability. The terms "tracking" and "tracing" are commonly used to describe traceability. A good traceability system should have the capability of performing both functions efficiently. The effectiveness of information exchange is influenced by the lack of internal traceability systems and standardized way of information exchange. Automated traceability is based on electronic data capture and exchange. Several studies have argued that traceability systems can be used to improve supply chain performance. Fish is a highly perishable product and requires efficient handling, logistics, and supply chain management procedures. Temperature monitoring is the most critical requirement in the management of a cold product chain like a fish supply chain. Web-based monitoring systems can be used for real-time temperature monitoring during the transportation of fish products.