chapter  10
Tanzania's Literacy Campaign in Historical-Structural Perspective
ByJeff Unsicker
Pages 26

Tanzania's national literacy campaign merits the attention of both scholars and practitioners of adult education. Nevertheless, the available descriptions of the campaign organization and method used during the historical period do provide the basis for some tentative inferences. From the perspective of ultimate impact on individual, and especially national, development, the major legacy of Work-Oriented Adult Literacy Pilot Project on the national campaign may have been its functional orientation. The new nation committed itself to building a nonracial, democratic nation guided by what are now known as "modernization" economic policies. The initial emphasis was placed on Africans assuming the key roles in all branches of the new government—itself a structurally close replica of the former colonial government. With regard to the campaign's impact on individuals, the literature is limited. The analytic framework of most of the literature on adult education in Tanzania could be described as functionalist.