chapter  3
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African American Males’ Maladaptive Coping Strategies to Racism at Predominately White Postsecondary Institutions

WithToya Roberts

Psychological and physiological responses to racism may, over time, be related to numerous health outcomes. This chapter examines the current literature and previous studies that highlight African American males' experiences with racism. It overviews the experiences of African Americans, specifically African American males, at predominately White campuses. The chapter discusses racism and how it is defined for the purpose of this examination. It explores the biopsychosocial effects and maladaptive coping strategies that are employed when African American males encounter racism-related events. Because African American males may use negative coping strategies to combat the stress of racism, the chapter also examines the potential effects of using negative coping strategies as applied in the higher education environment. It shows ongoing research that explores the implications of racism, as it relates to African American males, is absolutely necessary to their educational attainment at predominately White institutions.