chapter  9
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Our Fate or Our Future: The Hip Hop Nation and Alternative Intentional Communities for Social Justice

WithLisbeth Gant-Britton

Intentional communities fall into two broad categories. The first includes those whose adherents have a strongly shared ("public service") vision, life philosophy, or social stance. The second involves people who actually reside ("homestead") together based on a common belief system rather than accidental occupancy. Indeed, many are developing micro-level alternative groups and collectives within one of the largest contemporary intentional communities the world has ever seen: the Hip Hop Nation. One of the most committed forms of intentional communities is homesteading, where adherents actually live together under mutually agreed upon rules and in mutually constructive living conditions. The members of the makeshift intentional communities try to live together across lines of race, class, and gender. As Mosley and other Afrofuturist thinkers suggest, in order to make change to improve society, we have to start where we are and start small but keep our intent strong to make healthier, more empowered communities that can really make change.