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Black Women And The Job Training Partnership Act

ByHarriett Harper

This chapter examines the provision of employment and training services to black women under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA). The program is administered nationally by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of the United States Department of Labor. Information on the programs is being made available from two sources: The Job Training Longitudinal Survey (JTLS) and the JTPA Annual Status Report (JASR), combined with the JTPA Quarterly Status Report (JQSR). The JTLS is a sampled survey of participants; it provides national estimates of participants' characteristics and program outcomes, permitting some detailed comparative analysis. In order to determine what the impact of JTPA has been on black women, Current Population Survey data collected by the Bureau of the Census have been examined to establish black women's eligibility for employment and training services. A wide variety of training activities are authorized to prepare economically disadvantaged adults and youth (under age 22) for unsubsidized employment.