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General Health Conditions And Medical Insurance Issues Concerning Black Women

ByE. Headen Alvin, H. Headen Sandra

The likelihood of health problems from complications of pregnancy and childbirth or prolonged illness from combined effects of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity remains. The need for continuity of care for these conditions and the low economic status of black women suggest that current policy shifts away from emphasis on increased access to medical care will adversely affect the health status of black women. Policies to contain health-care costs should therefore be designed to assure appropriate access to needed care for black women and other low-income groups. The chapter assesses the impact of public health insurance and changes in health insurance policy on the health status of black women. It discusses the health needs of black women as exemplified by their specific health problems. The chapter focuses on the relationship between health status and utilization of medical services, and the relationship between utilization of medical services and health insurance.