chapter  8
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Morality as emotions in process

Neuropsychoanalysis, behavioural economics and global citizenship
WithÂngela Lacerda Nobre

Within the current context of post-industrial societies, the role played by emotions in determining morality constitutes a fertile ground of research. Morality standards are determined through an open process that dynamically transverses different societal and scientific areas. Neuropsychoanalysis links biological and psychoanalytic insights in order to study the self. Behavioural economics highlight the importance of considering the psychological aspects of decision making. And global citizenship represents a constellation of constructs that include sustainable development models, cyberpolitics and socio-technical systems, such as industry 4.0. The ideal and utopian drive for the creation of a better world and a more just society is itself an open process that includes learning and the repetition or rejection of previously accepted norms. Using the reading lenses of different conceptual frameworks, the present chapter argues for the need of an evolutionary and developmental perspective on morality, taking emotions as the impetus of such dynamics.