chapter  6.4
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The Middlebury Chinese Summer School

WithBai Jianhua

The year 2017 marks the 51st summer of The Middlebury Chinese School, founded in 1966. It has been one of the best total Chinese language immersion programs and has had a great impact on the field of Chinese language education in the US The foundation of the Chinese School is built upon the principle of learning by doing. Practice is the most important activity, and all class meetings and co-curricular activities contribute, cumulatively, to the attainment of students' learning objectives. Teachers rotate daily and students are regrouped weekly, so students have access to different teachers and classmates. In the Chinese School, assessment is done at every level, at every stage of the program, and for a variety of purposes. The mission of the Chinese School graduate program is to meet the critical need for trained language pedagogues and practitioners with high Chinese language proficiency and cultural competence.