chapter  7.1
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The founding and evolution of CLTA

ByVivian Ling

Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) was founded in 1962, modern spoken Chinese had begun to be taught in a few universities in the US, but it was still at the fringes of academia. One aspect of the early history of CLTA that deserves a special note is the attention given to the teaching of Chinese in secondary and elementary schools. Many people around the country have contributed to the growth of CLTA, but a group at Seton Hall deserve special recognition for providing the nuts and bolts that held the organization together during the critical period of growth and consolidation. As CLTA's membership and its activities grew steadily, the quantity and complexity of the secretary/treasurer's responsibilities grew correspondingly. With open access to the CLTA website, anyone may access information about the field, such as job openings, upcoming conferences, and so forth. They may also access the various CLTA publications through their institutional subscriptions.