chapter  7.2
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CLTA’s flagship journal has turned fifty! 1

WithZhang Zheng-sheng

For a more intimate historical perspective from a veteran Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA)-er who lived through the nascent days of the journal and the association, the reader is well advised to read Professor Timothy Light's anniversary reminiscences in Journal of CLTA (JCLTA) on the 50th anniversary of the association. From a thin stapled pamphlet to a flagship journal published by one of the most respected academic publishers in the world, JCLTA has indeed come a long, long way. For more than twenty years, CLTA was the association for all Chinese language teachers, including those in K-12 settings. In its history of over half a century, there have been some notable changes. One such change is in the medium of writing. Originally published only in English, articles in Chinese began to appear from the early '80s. Another change reflected in the journal is the increasing interaction with mainland Chinese scholars.