chapter  9.6
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My chameleon approach to classical Chinese

ByVivian Ling

This chapter concerns the "literary Chinese". The term "classical Chinese" is used interchangeably with "literary Chinese" within the field of Chinese language pedagogy, though there are differences in nuance between the two terms. The chapter offers a glimpse into the wide range of practices adopted in different Chinese programs. The wide range of pedagogical approaches can also be illustrated by the plethora of textbooks produced by teachers of literary Chinese. A significant factor is the institutional constraints, which determine how literary Chinese is in actual practice incorporated into the curriculum. More and more of the up and coming generation of Americans, regardless of whether they have any Chinese heritage, believe Chinese culture matters to them. This interest in Chinese culture is much more than an interest in things like Hunan cuisine. It extends to Chinese business culture, Chinese concepts of interpersonal relationships, even general philosophy of life.