chapter  11.2
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Two cultures, two careers

The life of Harold Shadick (1902–1993)
WithMei Tsu-lin

This chapter describes the Harold Shadick's life and achievements. Harold Shadick joined the Yenching faculty in 1925, less than a decade after it was founded, and when it was still located in Kuijiachang Hutong, an old section of Southeastern Peking. The courses Shadick taught included eighteenth-century English literature, seventeenth-century English literature, History of English literature, Shakespeare, and British history. In Shadick's recollection, the internment camp was well organized, with a Residents' Council in charge. Two things stood out in his memory. Arthur Wright, the budding Buddhologist, was put in charge of butchery. Second, the residents were able to purchase eggs across the barbed wire fence from locals. Shadick took the lead, secured funding from the Ford Foundation, and for the next seven years, managed the "Inter-University Fellowships for Field Training in Chinese" from his office at Cornell. This program in Taipei, which came to be dubbed the "Cornell Program", is precursor of the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP).