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A complete list of Staffan Hildebrand’s Face of AIDS documentaries 1986–2017, now accessible online via
ByStaffan Hildebrand

Staffan Hildebrand's first Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) documentary, produced for a seminar at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, arranged by the Swedish Ministry of Social Affairs and the Institute of Social Studies. Benny Henriksson, who was an important social scientist, was deeply involved in the first wave of activism and died of AIDS in 1995. Crossover: The Global Impact of AIDS was the first major international documentary produced for the Face of AIDS film archive. Based on archival material from Face of AIDS and a few new interviews, for instance Mathilde Krim, a physician from New York. Swedish documentary about Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) activist Steve Sjoquist, forty-eight at the time, Noaks Ark and an anonymous woman, twenty-one at the time, Poshitiva Gruppen Vast. Transmission: The Journey from AIDS to HIV documentary focuses on the history of HIV and AIDS in two countries: Australia and Cambodia.