chapter  6
Basque Country competing memories at the local, regional and state levels
Promoting public artistic events versus public institutional policies
ByGema Varona
Pages 22

This chapter will approach the current struggle in the practices of memorialization for victims of terrorism and abuse of power in the Basque Country from a critical victimological perspective. While the Spanish and the Basque governments are developing different institutions, plans and initiatives, some municipalities approach this controversial issue from another perspective. After a contextualization and a reflection on vulnerability and art through some comments on the theory of the affects, we will analyse the contribution of the ‘Adiorik gabe/Sin adiós’ (‘Without saying goodbye’) project in Donostia/San Sebastián, as 2016 European Capital of Culture. This project combines individual memorialization through music and/or theatre with a 121public commitment to non-violence. By an external evaluation of this project, we will explore its impact at both the individual and social levels and consider the relationship between justice and art as parallel to the search for objectivity in victimology.