chapter  Chapter 6
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Starch and Starch-based Polymers

WithJ. Fuchs, H.-P. Heim

One of the most important factors influencing the mechanical properties and the moisture absorption of the starch blends is the adhesion of the starch granules to the respective matrix plastic. The products Mater-Bi from Novamont and Ecovio from BASF are the best-known commercially available starch blends. The mechanical properties of poly lactic acid (PLA) starch blends vary greatly depending on their composition, for example the starch content, the starch type (granular/thermoplastic starch), or the PLA type. The maximum moisture absorption and the speed of moisture absorption of the PLA starch blend increase with increasing starch content. To reduce the moisture absorption of starch blends with PLA and thus also to improve the mechanical properties, the aforementioned complete drying of the starch before processing can be carried out.