chapter  19
35 Pages

Quality of Buildings Extracted from Airborne Laser Scanning Data—Results of an Empirical Investigation on 3D Building Reconstruction

WithEberhard Gülch, Harri Kaartinen, Juha Hyyppä

This chapter reports the results and experiences of a number of participants in the Building Extraction project coordinated by the EuroSDR Commission III “Production Systems and Processes.” The objectives of the project were to evaluate the quality, accuracy, feasibility, and economical aspects of semiautomatic and automatic building extraction techniques. This chapter first describes the test data and the software used. Then, it presents the analysis of the test results from more than 10 participants, with focus on the ones from airborne laser scanning. This chapter ends with an outlook on further developments of the methods applied and the ways how results are evaluated on the basis of different available reference data.