chapter  7
Tracking Humans in the Indoor Multipath Environment
WithTraian Dogaru, Christopher Sentelle, Gianluca Gennarelli, Francesco Soldovieri
Pages 30

The material in this chapter assumes the reader is familiar with the basic concepts of radar tracking (for an introduction to the topic, as well as more advanced treatments, one should consult). Because the track filtering poses less of a challenge in the case of human targets, all the examples in the chapter use a more or less conventional Kalman filter approach. The chapter illustrates two modern implementations of a tracking system as applied to through-the-wall radar (TWR) problems: the multiple hypothesis tracking (MHT) and the joint probabilistic data association (JPDA). It discusses the implementation of a tracker where the range, the range rate, and the azimuth of the potential targets are provided at the detector output via range-Doppler processing. The tracker associated with this radar employs the MHT algorithm. The chapter presents an alternative approach, where the target detection and localization is performed in high-resolution two-dimensional (2D) images. The tracker employed by this radar implements the JPDA algorithm.