chapter  4
24 Pages

Comparative Study on Mostly Used NoSQL Databases

WithK. G. Srinivasa, Nabeel Siddiqui, Abhishek Kumar

This chapter presents a selection of not only structured query language (NoSQL) databases that have different operational capabilities and function. It focuses on the classification of different NoSQL databases. Amazon’s SimpleDB is a highly ranked NoSQL data store that reduces the intricacies of administering database. MongoDB’s design philosophy is focused on combining the critical capabilities of relational databases with the innovations of NoSQL technologies. NoSQL databases are designed for highly available systems that provide a consistent, high-quality experience for users all over the world. An important aspect of designing data models is to formulate relationships between data. The key challenge n data modeling is balancing the needs of the application, the performance characteristics of the database engine, and the data retrieval patterns. The Data Model of BigTable is perceived by an example to make it understandable. A denormalized data model with embedded data combines all related data for a represented entity in a single document.