chapter  3
47 Pages

Advances in Millimeter Wave Propagation for 5G Mobile Communication Systems

WithNektarios Moraitis

This chapter presents the current propagation trends of the millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) frequencies toward 5th-generation (5G) mobile communication systems. It assesses state-of-the art channel models, derived from the latest measurement campaigns, concerning various propagation scenarios and architectures. The chapter investigates the recent advances of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) and massive MIMO technology exploitation in mm-Wave propagation. A consistent planning and design of future mm-Wave wireless networks requires a thorough knowledge of the common building material characteristics such as reflection and penetration loss. Small-scale fading represents the fluctuations in the received signal over short, subwavelength receiver distances and is physically explained by the coherent phasor sum of many random multipath components (MPCs) arriving within the measurement system resolution. The sum of the MPCs constitutes the channel impulse response (CIR).