chapter  Chapter 2
The idea of food as a commons
Multiple understandings for multiple dimensions of food
ByJose Luis Vivero-Pol
Pages 17

Food has been defined as 24a commodity (Bush, 2010; Bahel et al., 2013), a commons (Dalla Costa, 2007; Karyotis and Alijani, 2016), a public good (Akram-Lodhi, 2013; Agyeman and McEntee, 2014), a private good (Samuelson, 1954) and a human right (Ziegler, 2001; De Schutter, 2014). Moreover, food has been recognized as an important cultural element (Van Esterik in this volume) and a power device (Frye and Bruner, 2012). Actually, food can be understood as a network of meanings (Szymanski, 2016), some of which may even be contradictory (e.g., how can food be a right and a commodity at the same time if rights are not tradeable?, or how can food be a basic need and a cultural determinant if human needs are basically equal and universal?).