chapter  12
Mapping the future of US–Pakistan relations vis-à-vis Afghanistan post-withdrawal
ByFrédéric Grare
Pages 14

This chapter argues that the USA will be tempted to establish a quid pro quo relationship with Islamabad under which it would delegate part or all of the responsibility for the stability of Afghanistan to Islamabad, even though this move would inevitably create some tensions with New Delhi. The political reconstruction of Afghanistan will remain the only way to avoid such a setback. Priority should, therefore, be given to the search for a political compromise in Afghanistan. Traditionally, the USA considers of importance three categories of negative security concerns for its own national interests in Pakistan: counter-terrorism, the nuclear issue, and the stability and democratisation of Pakistan. True democracy is very much part of an incremental evolution towards a more peaceful Pakistani foreign policy. The need for negotiations is becoming obvious to all but the Taliban who still believe they are on an ascendant trajectory, but Pakistan intends to demonstrate its indispensability in the process.