chapter  7
The Liabilities of the Vessel
ByMichael Tsimplis
Pages 82

This chapter deals with liabilities arising from the vessel's operation. Liability for damage arising from a collision is, in general, based on tort law and in particular on negligence. The breach of the duties in navigation or in the ship's management is not sufficient to establish liability. In addition, all actions in breach of statutory or other duties to maintain, keep up, provide for the ship and her equipment, documentation, charts etc may result in liability for the collision. Liability for collision damage between the tug and tow would almost always be governed by their contractual arrangements. Collision or pollution liability will be based on tort or on special pollution liability regimes Liability for a salvage reward can be a significant financial burden for the shipowner and the cargo owner. The registered owner is liable for the costs of locating, marking and removing the wreck.