chapter  9
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ByDenielle Elliott

In 1981 I was sent by the World Health Organization to do some work in the Soviet Union. I went to an institution in the Novosibirsk hub, half way between Leningrad and Vladivostok. I used to hear about this place in my geography lessons when I was in school and sometimes on the radio. There used to be a radio program that we would listen to. The program would begin with the sound of the train, representing the train to Vladivostok, which is on the east end of the then Soviet Union to Leningrad through Moskva [/Moscow/]. Yes. So somewhere in between is a place called Novosibirsk. From Novosibirsk you travel inland to another institute, I was at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics. Yes, of the Soviet Union. It was in Siberia. I tell you it was exciting. I was there for probably very close to three months.