chapter  12
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Daniel arap Moi

ByDenielle Elliott

I just came from this little village, a boy who had suffered in this world. So that is it, but you see my happiness is that the access I had to President Moi did not interfere with the lives of other people because I never used the relationship for that sort of thing. On the contrary, it assisted this nation. Number one, when I look back at it we built KEMRI, because I had requested President Moi to ask the Japanese for assistance. Then, number two, the research institutes would have been developed but it would not have been as fast during that particular time. We would still be developing research institutes in this country today if it were not for my relationship with Moi, and then, number three is that the development of a structure to regulate university education in this country came not through President Moi, but through the minister at that time. He was willing to listen to me when I explained that it was necessary for us to create a parastatal unit that would regulate university education in this country.