chapter  13
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National politics

ByDenielle Elliott

The government at times can be totally ungrateful. Yes. It doesn’t matter what you have done. The thing is – it is thankless. I am not even talking about myself. I am talking about others, like the late Professor Joseph Maina Mũngai who helped in the establishment of the Medical School at the University of Nairobi. He was a selfless individual. He even offered to cover my tuition for me so that I could catch up with my colleagues but I said no. It was not his burden but that was the kind of person he was. He eventually became the Vice-Chancellor of the university and later served as the Secretary/Chief Executive of Commission for University Education where I was his Chairman. He established the medical school in 1967. He had to travel across the border to collect cadavers because the use of human cadavers in Kenya had not been allowed at that time. He had to drive using his VW car to collect the cadavers from across the border to bring to the university to teach anatomy! He was professor of anatomy and had completed his PhD in the UK. He passed on a few years ago. Yes. I would have expected the university to honour him too. For instance, they could rename the school the Joseph Mũngai Medical School. The government is such a monster that, immediately once it has made use of you, it dumps you. There are so many individuals that have experienced this here in Kenya. I have asked, please let us honour these individuals, especially people like Mũngai who really worked so hard for our country.