chapter  17
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The Wellcome Trust

ByDenielle Elliott

The history of the Wellcome Trust in Kenya is as old as the history of independent Kenya itself because its presence in Kenya was established in 1964 within a year of Kenya’s independence. And within ten years of its presence, I became the first Kenyan professional to be employed by the Wellcome Trust Research Laboratories in 1974 here in Kenya. I received my first pay cheque from them. It was a monthly salary of 2,232 KES. I remember then they were writing out the numbers – two thousand, two hundred and thirty-two. There was no automation of cheques. You only rip and write on top of it. They had a clumsy lady administrator who was also white and she wrote the cheques out by hand. Yes. And out of that we created a relationship between KEMRI and the Wellcome Trust following the establishment of KEMRI.