chapter  1
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ByDenielle Elliott

To the best of my knowledge, or at least I was told that, I was born on Tuesday the 21st of August 1951. Do you know during that time there was no recording of dates? It was in the afternoon because my middle name is Kiprotich. Yes, that means it was between three p.m. and four p.m. It might be necessary for you to know how the Kipsigis nomenclature works. Yes, the middle name represents time of day so at least the time of birth is always remembered. If it was a little earlier in the day, it could have been Kibet. Or if it was in the morning I would be Kipng’eno, or Kipng’etich, but Kiprotich that means “when the cows are coming back home”. Goats usually come later in the day. Cows come home a little early because there is the milking process. And so my name means I was born when the cows returned to be milked.