chapter  23
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A son’s death

ByDenielle Elliott

So I was there with the Japanese and then one Tuesday evening I received a phone call. This was on 15 January 2002. I received a phone call from my son Kiprop, the second born, and he said, “Daddy, Chang’ (Chang’-Toek) has fallen ill. He has been taken to the hospital and he is in the ICU.” I said, “What?” And then what immediately rang in my mind, because he was a pilot, I thought he must have crash-landed. He must have had a crash. I asked him, “How did he fall from the plane?” or something like this and my son Kiprop said, “No father.” You see, Chang’-Toek and Kiprop were staying together in the US. So I started saying okay which particular hospital has he been taken to? He gave me the contacts and so forth. I just finished talking with the Japanese asking about KEMRI and our work together so in the morning I went to the office. I was not feeling very well. I was feeling very sad but I did the work as usual until evening because I thought he would recover.