chapter  25
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The accusations

ByDenielle Elliott

I travelled to Kisumu where we were celebrating something with the CDC at the Kisian field station. So we have been doing some very good work with Jonathan Mermin (Jono). Of course, a few things we managed to do right. I travelled to Kisumu to the event with CDC where they gave me a plaque in my honour. It is a souvenir given by the CDC. I have it on my table. Yes. They said, “We are giving this to you because of the services you have given to us for all these years…” And actually it wasn’t from the local office here but from Atlanta. But then on the same day I received a letter saying that I needed to report to Nairobi. I thought it was some joke. I called the Permanent Secretary. CDC Kenya was not the one complaining. This guy in Atlanta was writing a routine memo and then somebody used it because … I don’t know sometimes you don’t know what to believe and what not to believe.… This happened in August 2007.