chapter  26
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Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission 1

ByDenielle Elliott

It is just like you are driving and then you crash in an accident but you have survived, living on life support machines, and you have lost everything in the process. It is as if you are told one day to go home immediately without advance notice by the master whom you have served for decades, but you have not made arrangements. So that is fine for me. For my case, in particular, I can bear that, but for the rest of the family, it was very traumatic. Very traumatic. Yes. You are together but you are doing nothing. You are just looking at each other’s faces, sitting in the house. So there had to be some level of adjustment. Even if you try to adjust, what do you do in the process? It is difficult. You adjust. How do you adjust? You are living in a home and the best thing is that I own my home. That is one fortunate thing – that by the time I was relieved of my duties I had no mortgage to pay and I had no rent to pay except the statutory payments. So I landed into a comfort zone. I had my own home and I didn’t have any mortgage so the only struggle was the payment of water and electricity, and the general maintenance of the home. I am not getting paid a salary even now. 2