chapter  28
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Corporate executive

ByDenielle Elliott

When I was younger I was a little bit fidgety. You see I was restless. At times, I would reflect that I had finished my research. I cannot go on drinking endlessly in the evening and expect to be alert in the morning. I can’t do that. I can’t go to some entertainment spots daily. I had to do something rewarding. My life in Nairobi after school started in Dandora, that is where I lived. Then I moved to Kariobangi and Huruma, all in the Eastern part of Nairobi, called Eastlands, where many Nairobians live. The area also houses a major dumpsite. A lot of birds congregate around the trash. Dandora is also close to where our sewage disposal is, with the big oxidation ponds, and so it smells bad all the time. Then from there I moved over to Kariobangi which was a nice place, a better area, and then from Kariobangi I moved to a place called Huruma Estate. Then from Huruma Estate I crossed over the Atlantic! I used to jokingly call the Uhuru Highway the Atlantic. So I crossed the Atlantic around 1974 or 1975, and since then I started living on this side. I spent probably two years on the other side of the city, hopping from one living unit to another one because I felt uncomfortable.