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WithDavy Kiprotich Koech

This book is a brief account of my life’s journey in colonial and independent Kenya. It also reflects experiences, which the persons of my generation went through in rural Kenya, where we had a common birth. This is a unique book. I have a story to tell through Denielle Elliott, a person who makes the argument out of it, and communicates the same to the greater public. I am sure she has made a great deal of effort to achieve this. I am yet to seek my inner soul to find out whether or not my co-author has given a fair and honest critique of my storytelling. I am not a student of history or of anthropology or of ethnography. Denielle Elliott is not a student of science either; but we allowed our shadows to merge into one so that our various competences would produce a solid product. As a scholar, I would not refuse another scholar, in the person of Denielle, in finding academic comfort in my stories. But there have been occasions when the red lines had to be drawn.