chapter  13
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Assessing the dayizhi policy

The aggregate view
ByBing Yu, Luca Zan

Most important, reporting the actual funding of any individual dayizhi would be problematic, for two different – and always associated – reasons. In the sense, the availability of data in general is a precondition for assessing any policy. Interesting elements emerge when looking at the distribution by classes of funding, and focusing here only on the 100 dayizhi of the 11th Five Year Plan (FYP). Hyper cost variation seems to be a serious issue in the evolution of the policy over time, probably linked to some features of the administrative system that are not able to provide incentives for different administrative attitudes and behaviors. Data show a partial confirmation of the district and line focus of the dayizhi policy, for those components that were included in the 11th FYP. The dynamics of the expenditure show a first period that was funded around ¥400 million on average per year, with the last two years presenting a huge increment.