chapter  4
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A three-level discussion on the dayizhi policy

Toward unanticipated consequences?
ByLuca Zan, Bing Yu

This chapter provides a quick review of the debate regarding the dayizhi policy prior to our research, but following the publication of the 11th Five Year Plans (FYP) and its early realizations. It focuses on how the policy was discussed at the time, more or less emphasizing positive elements and possible issues and contradictions. The very reconstruction of the aspects – even at the level of desktop research – required people as a research team to give particular effort to the opaque understanding of the aspects by the average heritage expert. A member of the Administrative Department at China Academy for Cultural Heritage referred to the need to evaluate investments and their results, impacts, and role in the local economy, and to develop a systematic evaluation of the policies of FYP. The Director of the Cultural Heritage Bureau of Henan Province welcomed the research, calling for investigation that could address problems and issues, and give possible suggestions.