chapter  6
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Luoyang and the Sui and Tang Capital City

Complex heritage inside a crucial district
ByBing Yu, Luca Zan

Luoyang is deeply linked to the whole dayizhi debate, both in terms of the discourse of heritage professionals about protection, excavation, and research, and in terms of the establishment of the dayizhi as a policy, with impacts at both the local and national levels. Sui and Tang Capital City Eastern Capital City has a very prominent historical and scientific value. It has an important position in the history of Chinese civilization, and indeed world history. The link between heritage protection and economic development is one of the constitutive elements of this case, providing, in principle, further threats and opportunities. The intrinsically fragile nature of Luoyang cultural heritage has been further endangered by the massive process of urbanization and economic development affecting the city. The Dingding Gate presents a very complex administrative history, with several interactions among professional bodies at different levels, and serious issues of professional control over the quality of what was eventually done.