chapter  7
36 Pages

Xi’an and Daming Palace

ByJian Li Yu, Luca Zan

Xi'an was among the first cities in China to protect important archaeological sites and incorporate its conservation into the city planning process. This chapter discusses the dayizhi policy for the city as a whole to provide an aggregate view, and revisits milestones to demonstrate the variety of approaches and solutions. It focuses on Daming Palace, one of the important cases in the whole country. In city plans from the 1920s, the urban area was divided into some functional districts, with one of the being a cultural district with ancient relics where construction activities were strictly prohibited. Since the establishment of the national dayizhi policy in the 11th Five Year Plan, great efforts have gone into strengthening the momentum and scale of dayizhi conservation in Xi'an. Yang Mausoleum is the cemetery of the Western Han Dynasty Emperor Liu Qi and Empress Wang, in Xianyang City in Shaanxi Province.