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Intuitive Interaction from an Experiential Perspective

The Intuitivity Illusion and Other Phenomena
WithStefan Tretter, Sarah Diefenbach, Daniel Ullrich

This chapter focuses on one specific experiential phenomenon of intuitive interaction. In common sense, a product is judged as intuitive if one can handle it right away—without the need for initial training, tutorials, or reading the manual—since "the word intuitive insinuates that users can interact with a product using nothing more than their own intuition". Research on intuitive interaction focused primarily on objective criteria, thereby relying on hard, quantifiable measures to define the concept and its inherent features. Intuitive interaction is considered a central factor for product success, especially in the field of consumer technology. Product developers should be particularly aware of the intuitivity illusion when it comes to assessing the intuitivity of a product by user ratings alone. On the other hand, they can also leverage this phenomenon by delivering relevant information on product interaction to the user—even if they are eminently conscious—who then tends to judge the product as more intuitive in retrospect.