chapter  23
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Brexit and the EU’s Affiliated Non-Members

ByJohn Erik Fossum

This chapter explores the possible implications of Brexit for the European Union's (EU) affiliated non-members. It outlines the types of affiliations that the EU has with its non-members and focuses on what distinguishes each affiliation and on how binding they are for each party to the agreement. The main feature that distinguishes EU members from affiliated non-members is not subjection to EU rules and norms but access to those EU decision-making institutions and procedures that determine the rules. The chapter assesses the most Brexit-relevant EU association arrangements in terms of how they grapple with the trilemma pertaining to state sovereign control, democratic self-governing and market access. It establishes the United Kingdom's (UK's) preferred mode of EU affiliation, including a brief assessment of how realistic that is. The chapter discusses several scenarios for the effects of Brexit on affiliated non-member.