chapter  2
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Historical and cultural role of Indian Mitra and Maitreya cults in the uniting process of Eurasia

BySergey Lepekhov

The principle of keeping an agreement is acknowledged to be the most important part of the system of values and regulations in the ancient Mongolian social relations. It is difficult to state that it was due to the influence of Mitraism, though there is no doubt that the Mitra cult had been known to the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. The Avestian Mithra as well as the Vedic Mitra are the deities who personify the idea of agreement, of contractual relations, in a broader sense. Mitra to Maitra to Maitreya are normal grammatical formations. Maitreya's images in the Tibetan and Mongolian temples are often of enormous size. The Mongolian culture and its bearers, the Mongolians, have long been viewed by the Buddhist world as the historically predestined embodiment of the idea of the expansion of the Buddhist civilization. The Buddhist civilization played, in Eurasia, the role of the mediator and integrator.